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TOP DOWN / BOTTOM UP: 11th PlaNet Congress in Warsaw

20-30th September Warsaw 2007. Social participation in the formation of urban space.

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ASAP 10 Year Anniversary

New date:

June 14-16




ASAP 10 Year Anniversary

ASAP Amsterdam is celebrating her 10 year anniversary and therefore we would like to invite all PLANET-members to particpate in a 3 day event in Amsterdam. The congress and the tour are for free and we can arrange free accomodation as well.

We hope to welcome you all to Amsterdam!



Winter Meeting in Belfast

PlaNet will meet up for New Years Eve in Belfast this year! Between the 28th of December and the 4th of Januari ther will be plenty of time to explore the renaissance of the city together with local experts, and to celebrate the New Year with a free concert at Belfast City Hall. Fill in the application form now! For more information on the programme and accomodation details please check the new flyer.


11th PlaNet Meeting in Warsaw

The 11th congress will be organized by PlaNet Warsaw in the summer of 2007. Check here later for more details.


10th PlaNet Meeting in Paris

The 10th congress will be held this summer, from July 16th till 22nd in PARIS! The subject will be: "Planning Urban Segregation?". After the congress the 10th anniversary of PlaNet will be celebrated, through events organized by PlaNet Alumni! Please apply using this pre-application form, in word or in pdf format. The programme is now available for download.


Preparation meeting in Bruxelles

A preparation meeting for the congress in Paris this summer will be held in Bruxelles, in the weekend of March 18th. For more information and/or applications please contact: planet10yr@yahoo.fr


Trading Places 2006: Brazil

This year, trading places will visit Rio de Janerio and Sao Paolo. Visit this rapidly changing country on a trip by Trading Places and ASAP Amsterdam.



PlaNet Winter Meeting 2005-2006

PlaNet Amsterdam would like to invite everyone to the PlaNet Wintermeeting 2005-2006 in Holland. The theme will be: “10 year's of PlaNet - The Beginning”. Celebrate the New Year in Rotterdam, the biggest port of the world, home to a new spectacular waterfront development, to a large immigrant population and the late Pim Fortuyn, and renowned party city! On January 2nd there will be a workshop on the future of PlaNet. Topics will include the general aims of PlaNet, the PlaNet declaration, and the next congress. For more information, please reply to: PlaNet10yr@hotmail.com.


Planerinnentreffen (PIT) Dortmund

November 16th till 20th, the Planerinnentreffen will be in Dortmund. The theme will be: "Tourismuspot(t)entiale - was könnte das Ruhrgebiet?" Come by and practice your German, in this week of workshops and fun.


Minutes to the 9th PlaNet council meeting

Final version of the notes on the outcome of the PlaNet council meeting, held on July 30th at the 9th annual congress in Hamburg. Read the latest news on PlaNet here!


Draft PlaNet declaration

Inspired by the World Charter of the Rights to the City (draft Barcelona/Quito 2004) a draft declaration has been set up to be discussed further. Please contribute by giving your opinion on the FORUM.


End of year event

There will be an end of year event, combining work and leasure. Discussion and work on the future of the PlaNet network will be combined with parties! The location is yet to be decided; check this space regularly for more information.


9th PlaNet Congress: “Option Growth?”

This year’s international PlaNet Congress in Hamburg/Germany is dedicated to the topic of the growing city. The issue of growth or growing cities and regions will be discussed over one week in July.

How do we understand growth? What is the meaning of growth and why is it still an aim of cities’ development? And maybe, do we have already achieved the limits of possible growth


The New Years Eve 2004

PlaNet goes to meet the German countryside!!! Two hours north of Berlin we find Lychen, a small city which is surrounded by a beautiful countryside with a couple of lakes and wide forests. From 12/28/2004 till 02/01/2005 we booked a cottage, which is supposed to be our home for upcoming New Years Eve Party...

ASAP goes Paris

From down town to edge cities Paris, November 26-29
After a good succes in the Ruhr area ASAP goes in November 26-29 this year to Paris. This interesting trip goes futher than Paris centre. ...


ASAP goes Germany, October 1st 2004


upcoming event:

Trading Places 2005
Global Events / Local Impacts - Lebanon and Morocco


8th Planet Congress in Wroclaw (Poland)
(July 18th - 24th)

Get ready for this new summer congress!


Planum to support planningnetwork.org!

PlaNet is proud to present Planum as new support for planningnetwork.org. Planum and PlaNet agreed on an active co-operation between both organisations.


Share your knowledge with Planum - European Planning Journal on-line.

Planum offers a variety of information for planners. PlaNet would like to support Planum in their research efforts, so if you know about new planning related webpages, please email the link and a short information to Planum at staff@planum.net.


Planum is looking for Leonardo scholars in its office in Rome.

If you have been active within the PlaNet network, you might also be interested in doing an internship with Planum at their office in Rome, Italy.